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Pretending To Be People Matter


"What do you want most? Don't give up on what you want most, by settling on what you can have now. Choose well"

Acknowledgement of influences

I want to acknowledge all of the people who have influenced me. The many who said I was no good at anything, and those who have said that there is nothing that isn't possible.
Those who have given me their ear when times are tough and those who ignore me.
Those who gave me their advise, weather I took it or not. Some Made my life more difficult and some make my life better. I am grateful to you all.
Those who deserted me when times were hard and those who were true friends and gave me what I really needed without even talking about it.
For those who made me coffee, fed me meals and kept me safe without even knowing what was happening. Lastly My Children for being the ones who made it all worthwhile.
As I go through the rest of my life may I continue to take what I need and leave what I don't need behind. And may I grow in wisdom to know the difference and have the grace to accept everyone elses' human traits, as well as my own.

Where to start, where to end?

As you read this book and its many pages, I wish for you to find the light of hope that guide which helps us see beyond the torment of our darkest experiences and gain the strength we need to overcome our troubles.
Freedom has always been one of my highest values. The more deeply held a value is in your heart, the greater it will be tested by life and the more you will be called to fight for it. Sometimes it is a matter of life or death. This is the story of such a fight.
It tells of my very personal past and I hope you take the journey with me and are rewarded for doing so. Stories connect us, even if we never meet, so may you become my friend and may we understand each other. Your understanding will help me to be a better person and let go of my past; just knowing you have read this will make it easier for me.
In return, I wish the best for you and the people you share your life with. I hope you are able to live a life of freedom, health and happiness, for that is what we all deserve. Treasure always the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are a unique and worthwhile human being.

Thank you for joining me. I hope that it frees you as much as it has me.
Yours with best regards,
Dot Haynes This book is now available directly from me for $20. ($50 for 3 copies)

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